Special Announcement!

Good afternoon friends and family! As some of you may know a few months ago I started a Facebook group for veterans. It is called VET VIP or just VIP (Veterans Interact Program).

The intentions of this group are to link up veterans to one another in their respective cities and to encourage them to meet offline, participate in activities and rebuild that camaraderie lost upon exiting the service. By developing these relationships we are slowly building a support system close to home of people like us, who understand what we have gone through in the past and what we struggle with in the present. Many of us battle PTSD and this organization is intended to help veterans find strength and confidence through each other.

In just a short time we have grown to exceed 2K members, we have a new website, a new facebook page for our supporters and a new instagram!! Our members have had multiple meet ups all over the country and there are more activities being planned every week. As we continue to grow as a group my admin team and I have been working diligently to help us grow as an organization! We intend to submit our application to become a Non Profit Organization within a few months! I want to thank everyone for their support and ask that you go like our facebook page and help us get some recognition! Thanks everyone!


VIP: Veterans Interact Program, St Petersburg Florida

Upon graduating high school I entered into the Army on Active Duty. I served for seven years, one in South Korea, two in Iraq. After receiving an Honorable Discharge I returned to school earning my dual (AS) from Southwest Florida College in Graphic Design and 3D Multi Media Animation. After graduating from SWFC I transferred to Ringling College of Art + Design where I graduated with my (BFA) in Graphics and Interactive Communications. I have been working in the graphic design field for 5 years and love what I do however had been feeling as though something big was missing from my life. I started the VIP (veterans interact program) to bring veterans together who felt the loss of the camaraderie once felt in the service. To develop a support system made up of people who understand us; and who better than other veterans. Since starting VIP the group has continued to grow and flourish. Members have been meeting one another around the world going to games, bbq's, hanging out to play cards and tell war stories. They have had beach days, pool and tailgate parties. What's even better is that now the members are reaching out to one another for emotional support as well. That alone has given me a sense of purpose in knowing this program is helping not only myself but thousands of others. My goals now are to continue to grow the group as we transition into a non profit organization and encourage veterans to surround themselves with positivity to battle as we continue our battles with PTSD.