Joe and Vito: Inseperable Buddies

   Have you ever given serious thought to the term "unconditional love"? There are a great many things that come to mind when thinking of this term, but one stands head and shoulders above others. To some, a dog is simply just a dog: a simple creature that people take on as companions. To others, myself included, they become an extension of our families. They're full of simple emotions and little nuances that lend themselves to showing their personalities. To those of us who consider them family, they play an incredibly important part in our lives. No matter the difficulties we face on a daily basis, they stand steadfast at our sides. Eager to please and with love in their hearts, they give us so much more than what can be described by words. Their unspoken dedication to their bipeds is never in question: they live, breathe, eat, sleep, and play with us in their minds and souls. When we come face to face with our demons, we have a partner at our side to let us know that we don't walk alone. They would forfeit their own lives to preserve ours. They give us hope in the darkest of times. They let us know that we're never alone.

My right hand man is a nearly 3 year old Rottweiler by the name of Nunzio Basilio Comfort. Loosely translated from Italian, his name means "Announcing the king". His name is quite a mouthful, so he goes by Vito. I've never seen a dog with as big of a heart as Vito. He exemplifies love, dedication, friendliness, and companionship. He's an absolutely perfect ambassador for his breed and has won over hearts and minds everywhere he goes. No matter how my day has gone, he's always waiting for me at the front door with his little nub wagging 283 miles per hour! On several occasions, I find myself not wanting to deal with people in the least bit, yet find myself gravitating towards Vito, our other Rottweiler Bella, and our Jack Russell Terrier Loki. They give so much without asking for anything but love in return... a few slices of bologna would be the most they'd ask for! 

Day in and day out, Vito shows me that he loves unconditionally. He is the light in the darkness... the kindness in an often times cruel and shallow world... the strength I need from time to time. He's more than just a dog... he's my number one buddy and I'd not trade him for anything.

My advice to you is simple: give a dog a hug sometime... you may be surprised at what you get in return.

Joeseph Comfort

Junction City Kansas